Classic Packages

UnWinder’s Classic Itineraries are designed by our Travel Experts, combining the most popular attractions with highlights of a destination! These are time proven and truly Classic in nature.


Classic Itineraries are designed to allow you to first, travel independently and not as part of a group, second, have a prearranged itinerary so that you have everything is reserved for you in advance and third, ensure you see the highlights of the destination. Our featured Classic Itineraries are our most popular independent requests. However, if they do not match your interests or requirements, all itineraries can be modified or can be whatever you wish. Or you may have another destination in mind in which case, we can plan a Classic Itinerary for that.


Classic Itineraries can be commenced any day with very few exceptions. And we offer, where possible, a range of hotels so that you can choose the package that suits your budget.


UnWinders offers Classic Itineraries to All Major Travel Destinations in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and many more featuring not only individual countries but also regions and individual cities within those countries. If you take a look at some examples, you will see we have planned what we feel is the “Classic” way, in our view to experience the essential.


The essential elements of a Classic Itinerary are hotels, important sightseeing and transportation and meeting services to get you from the airport to your hotel and vice versa.


So, simply decide on your destination, amount of time available and check out our suggestions. If no match, just let us know and we will customize a Classic Itinerary for you, have it ‘tailor made’ just for you!

Readymade Classic Packages from All Destinations!

Contact us for tailor made packages.