Hong Kong

With Unwinders, you embark upon a long cherished holiday and treasure every moment while visiting Hong Kong and Macau, both were European colonies until recently, whereas, Hong Kong portrays British colonial history and international harbor and Macau presents an ideal combination of the Portuguese and Chinese culture. Hong Kong is one of the most sought-after destinations amongst the most visited places in the world and visitors come to its shores on business as well as on leisure.


Most of the infrastructures in Hong Kong inherit the design and standards of Britain. It offers an urban paradise hemmed in by natural beauties, it’s terrain is hilly to mountainous with steep slopes, maximum landmass is reserved as country parks and nature reserves, houses some of the best restaurants and bars for local delicacies as well as cuisines across the world, street markets are happening places along side gorgeous shopping complexes & supermarkets, stunning beaches with uniqueness of its own is also attract tourists.


Hong Kong is a land blessed with rocky islands and hazy mountains, the panoramic view of the city from Victoria's Peak, a ferry across Victoria Harbor, the Po Lin Monastery and its renowned Giant Buddha, known as Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island are major attractions. Hong Kong is quite popular for its nightlife, the blazing neon lights and dazzling cityscape of bewildering skyscrapers.


Hong Kong and Macau together make your journey a complete memoir. Just an hour away, but quite different from Hong Kong, Macau was one of the earliest European colonies in Asia and the last to be relinquished (1999) and thus has a more visible colonial history than Hong Kong. Macau is the mega-resort and casino center that also has interesting historical sites. There is Old Portuguese sites to visit; Monte Fortress and San Ma Lo are the places. Macau's main draw for tourists is the big casinos and hotels. It is the new gambling resort capital of the world with 5 of the world's 10 largest casino resorts. Hong Kong and Macau is an amalgamation of glitz and glamour.